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Our team :


- Véro: Managing Director,
I came from the early childhood period and it was because of health concerns that I had to reconvert, and I decided to create "JBD - Wooden Toys", to live and share some of our values, Which are the ecology, health and balance of our children.

Supply, service, online and shipping service

- Manu: My husband and collaborator,
A professional accountant, currently in the post, he accompanies me and supports me in this exciting adventure, and we are not too many to take on all the tasks and work.

Accounting, communication, referencing, and site management services,

- Emma: Our eldest daughter
A college student with no sharp criticism, she does not fail to point out to us any behavior or situation likely to harm her reputation in college.

Service Censorship and verification - "this is too much shame, provided nobody is aware that my parents sell toys ...", this art will soon be censored, read the quick ...

- Lolie: Our younger daughter
Schoolgirl of her state, always ready to take the break for a photo, and always to the front rows as soon as the novelties arrive ... A birthday and a Christmas a year is not enough, and why we could not play with all These toys ??? And why do not we keep them only for us ??? No interest in doing this if you can not enjoy it, it's too unfair.

Service: Approval of toys and market research, (Lolie gives her opinion, "for babies" or "TOP TOY"). All our toys are certified "Lolie"


Hello, and welcome to the site

Manager of the SARL JBD, together with my husband, we decided together in May 2013 to create this website in order to propose wooden toys selected by us, and to live this exciting and very rewarding adventure .

An eco-responsible consumer for many years, we have chosen to distribute Chinese puzzles, games and wooden toys because we and our children have fallen in love with these products.

Gorgeous and very solid toys, built to go through time and generations, which require no artifice, just the imagination and intelligence of children, and that's the most important thing. Go back to true values, and bring the essentials to the children, toys that will bring whatever they need for their personal development.

Wake and motor toys that will accompany the brain development and motor of the smallest, grip, logic, dexterity, musical sense and many more. Creative games that will develop the artistic sense, imagination and dexterity of children, and also educational games, which will allow them to learn while having fun. From maths to French to geography, but also learning from everyday life, such as learning the time, wearing shoes or brushing teeth, what could be simpler and more fun than learning everything 'Amusing, without even realizing it.

Skill games, outdoor games, construction games, games of imitation and imagination, puzzles, games for girls and boys for all tastes and ages .

Even for adults and adults, we offer games from companies all over the globe, for unforgettable evenings with family or friends, games where you have to play together or against each other.

Then for the most courageous, Chinese puzzles of all kinds and all levels, and of course, the famous bottle puzzles for gifts that will enrage your loved ones lovers of good wine.

We invite you to discover the exciting story of wooden toys.

We wish you a very pleasant visit on !!!

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